Indigo bedding for better sleep and healthy skin

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We are a Tokyo-based startup addressing modern skin and sleeping problems with traditional Japanese knowledge. Conventional beds allow various bacteria and fungi to thrive and chemical dyes are strong dermatological irritants. Aizome is the art of using naturally fermented indigo as colorant together with high-quality organic cotton in a completely synthetic-free process. Ai (the Japanese name for the indigofera leaf) has been used to treat skin problems for centuries and today is used as strong anti-bacterial agent and provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Aizome Bedding provides the best sleeping conditions for people who care about healthy skin and better sleep.
Made with real Indigo

Indigofera is a powerful medicinal plant used in textiles for its healing properties in Japan for centuries


Independently certified to meet the human-ecological requirements for baby articles


Made of organic raw materials in an environmentally friendly production process


Free of any irritants and thus ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies 

Japanese Quality

A Japanese company you can trust: all production is overseen and verified in our headquarters in Tokyo

Treat your skin with indigo

Natural Indigo is known for its skin-soothing benefits. Aizome Bedding continually releases small doses of these active substances, which are absorbed through your skin to calm inflammations and promote comfort 

Suppress irritants and disease triggers

Synthetic materials and chemical dyes create unwanted nesting grounds for bacteria and fungi, which can cause itches and respiratory irritations. That’s why we use a complete chemical free production and only premium natural ingredients.

Sleep cozy and soft

Organic cotton naturally regulates the temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, has high sweat absorbency, neutralizes bacteria and is premium soft. If you sleep well at night, you perform great during the day!

High Quality and Organic Production

  • Skin-friendliest bedding

    Made only with natural indigofera and organic cotton for the comfort and safety of you and your family

  • Less water, better for the environment

    The indigo dyeing process requires 200 times less water than conventional chemical dye

  • No bed-mites, no bacteria

    While conventional bedding harbors skin-damaging microbes, Aizome Bedding is strongly anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

  • Chemical-free production

    We use zero synthetic chemicals in the production process, using only indigo, cotton and water


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Recommends this especially to people with Atopic Eczema

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"I always choose organic and this bedding is so so soft, so comfortable to sleep."

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"Aizome Bedding helps me to regenerate during sleep - I will not use anything else anymore"

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"I recommend Aizome Bedding strongly to people that have skin problems like Atopic Eczema"

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"I have sensitive skin and Aizome Bedding really helps to calm my skin and I don't need to scratch anymore at night."

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"These are the best bed sheets I have ever had - Period."

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